2.2: PDF - Biology

2.2: PDF - Biology

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Lumen makes significant investments to ensure our digital courseware is accessible, allowing students to learn using superior interactivity, multimedia, and a variety of accommodations for individuals with varying abilities.

PDFs offer an inferior learning experience compared to the richness and interactivity in our digital courseware. A PDF version of the textbook is available as a print alternative. The PDF does not include interactive content such as simulations, videos, and quizzes and is not vetted for accessibility. For these reasons, we do not recommend using the textbook in the PDF form. The offline version should be used as a print backup rather than as the primary textbook.

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  • Anatomy and Physiology I PDF (75.8 MB)

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[AP Biology 2.2] Cell Structure and Function

The second section of Unit 2 in the AP Biology curriculum focuses on how the subcellular components of cells maintain the cell and gather energy. Specifically, this standard breaks down the two basic functional categories of cellular organelles: those that maintain and grow the cell, and those that capture and utilize energy. Thus, we will be looking at how the endomembrane system builds a cell, as well as seeing how chloroplasts and mitochondria work together to provide energy!

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